The Trustees of The Maria Holder Memorial Trust are delighted to be continuously involved in the good work and efforts of Supreme Counselling for Personal Development.

The recently launched Olweus Bullying Prevention Programme at the Frederick Smith Secondary School, Lester Vaughan Secondary School, Grantley Adams Memorial Secondary School and Wesley Hall Infant School is testament to this as it was made possible through funding provided by the Trust.  We hope that this Pilot project will be rolled out within all the Primary and Secondary School on the island.

We cannot ignore the fact that bullying does exist and it simply cannot be ignored.  There is too much negative press involving our young people today in this regard and parents, teachers and community leaders to name a few must come together and fight the cause for its eradication.  The Olweus Bullying Prevention Programme requires the buy in of all the key stakeholders and must form part of the full school curriculum to ensure its success.  Schools should embrace and support the programme and see it as a means of building on what is already taught, while imparting knowledge and skills that can be used to assist the youth as part of their socialisation.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and Executive Team of The Maria Holder Memorial Trust I would like to wish Supreme Counselling for Personal Development the very best in making this new initiative a great success.

Donna Clarke
Project Manager